Best Language Learning Apps (Free and Paid)

Language learning is a skill that can help you on several fronts such as careers, studying abroad, and jobs. High Schools has made the rule that student should opt one subject as a different language. Language subjects in school contain general information regarding specific language, but there are several higher studies in the language field. If you are unable to grab enough knowledge in your classes, then you can opt for the other options to enhance your skills. Learning apps give accurate knowledge regarding language, enhance your grammar and vocabulary, and provide tips to make you understand easily. Here are the best apps language learning apps you can try:


Babbel is one of the best apps for learning foreign languages and you can opt it to learn the language of your choice. It is easy to use and its every chapter takes you to the course of translation as well. It attracts students through informative pictures and videos.

The app is free, but you can buy payment packages:

  1. Monthly subscriptions are $12.95
  2. A three-month subscription is $27
  3. Six months costs $45
  4. One year for $84


This app has multiple languages to learn and the best part of the app is that it won’t control how many languages you want to learn. The app has engaging features and it even provides you, online language tutor from a specific country. You can chat with them about the difficulties you are facing during learning.

Payment package:

  1. You can buy Premium for $10 per month from which you can get some other interesting features of the app.


The app provides some free chapters to learn on a daily basis, but for a full guideline, you have to buy the programmer of it.

There are three payment packages:

  1. One month for $9
  2. Three months for $18
  3. A year for $30


You have to log in to the app to select the language of your choice. The app will evaluate your skills and create your study plan.

It has features like:

  1. It provides helpful reminders during learning.
  2. It provides tips to learn vocabulary.


This app is useful for music artists because they sing in different languages and try to sing in different languages. Moreover, this app is useful to translate Spanish in any other language you want to translate. The app offers music by Latin artists and Reggaeton artists as well.

You can buy packages:

  1. You can use it as one-week free trial and then you have to buy it with payment of $4.49 per month
  2. Here is one more app for learning the Spanish language: Rosetta Stone.


It is an interesting app with multiple functions, and it offers you various ways to learn the language. The best part of this app is that it provides a teacher to speak for you.

Buy package:

  1. You need to buy the app at $480 annually.


The app is renowned for learning Greek as nowadays, people have an enormous interest in learning Greek.  The app is created offers intriguing content that can help you efficiently learn the language of your preference.


  1. This app does not provide any free trial and you have to buy it at $10 per month.


You can even learn languages with Netflix’s app as it streams shows promoting learning. You can learn language while enjoying TV shows, Web series, and Movies.


This app presents 51 languages to learn and you have to choose here in what language you want to be trained.

  1. Major Feature – You can learn language during the long drives, as well.

Payment packages:

  1. Subscriptions for the month  $14.95.
  2. Premium is $19.95/month.

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